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'Ilm with Aql

" 'Ilm (knowledge) without 'Aql (intelligence) is like having shoes with no feet; and 'Aql without 'Ilm is like having feet with no shoes."

COMMENTARY: It is important to know that when a person who has no aql happens to read and memorize some books of knowledge, he will become a very dangerous person in the hands of exploiters, who by using their own aql will exploit him for fulfilling their own political or economic designs. That is what is happening in many Muslim countries. Often in religious schools only those students are sent by their parents whom they find intellectually inferior. So when such people happen to receive religious degrees then they look for some patrons which are readily found for them. On the other hand we find that many people are born Aqlu (intelligent) but they never receive any 'Ilm, therefore they are compared with people who have feet but no shoes by which is meant they have no direction nor goal, and hence they are always lost and confused.