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Immediate and Lasting Pleasure

"Lasting happiness which can be acquired very fast is derived from doing dhikr and ibadah every morning and evening."

COMMENTARY: This is also an explanation of an injunction of the Holy Qur'an in which Almightly Allah states that, "Know that the peace of the heart lies in the remembrance (thikr) of Allah." It is a well established fact that only those people who start their day with the remembrance of Allah and ibadah and also conclude it in a similar way are the happiest beings on earth. And other than this neither worldly possessions, gardens, nor unbelieverels can give one real happiness. If it is there, it is always very short lived and ends in despair and frustration. The world has seen many multi-millionaires, scientists, rulers, etc. committing suicide. But no one so far has seen a true believer ending his life in such a manner. Thus Allah subhana wa Ta'ala is the Source of all blisses and happiness which one can acquire here and in the Hereafter.