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Favor on the Vulgar

"Bestow not your favor on the debased, for your favor will go to waste. So due to free and noble people, for them the fragrances of your goodnesses will spread around like musk."

COMMENTARY: Everybody knows that if you do good to a debased person it will always go to waste. For example, if you try to give honor to a professional beggar he will not appreciate it, and if you give him money he will not thank from his heart and you may never see him again. Or if you try todo favors upon a professional crook anda fraud, whatever good you will do to him he will attribute it to his planning and shrewdness with which he made you give up your wealth to him.

Who is a debased person?

  1. He who sells his honor for the sake of worldly gain; such as beggars, prostitutes, theives, pimps, and frauds.
  2. The one who sells his Iman for the sake of some worldly gain. In this category are included the religious men (ulama) who become tools in the hands of the government by which people are misled, and also the Mashaikh who become lackeys (yes-men) of the government or anti-Islamic elements.