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Traveling Without Provisions

"Undertake not the journey of this life without the provisions of good deeds for the way for the path of life is dangerous."

COMMENTARY: Here, Hazrat Ali (R.A.A.) draws a parallel between the two travelers. The one who is traveling on the road in this world and while traveling he takes every possible care to have everything which he might need on the way. While there is another person who does not carry any provisions of sustenance nor protection on the way and, of course, such a journey will be a disaster. He draws our attention to our real journey of life taking us in to the Hereafter and he wonders at a people who embark on this journey and have gathered no provisions. Remember provisions for such a journey comprise in acting according to the commands of Almighty Allah and following the Sunnah of the Holy Last Messenger, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam.