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Pedigree of the Nabi, by way of synopsis and distinction

taken from Rawza Tus-Saf‚

by Sheikh Mubarak

His name is Muhammad, the son of 'Abdullah, the son of Abdul-Muttalleb,

the son of H‚shem,

the son of Abd Mun‚f,

the son of Qussai,

the son of Kall‚b,

the son of Laovi,

the son of Gh‚leb,

the son of Qahar,

the son of M‚lak,

the son of Nasser,

the son of Kanatah,

the son of Madrekah,

the son of Aly‚s,

the son of Nasser,

the son of Adn‚n.

The genealogy of his exalted lordship, the prince of existences (s.a.s.) is regular as far ad Adn‚n, but above the latter there are discrepancies. Nevertheless, all historians agree, despite a multitude of contradictions, in placing six of the inspired prophets -- i.e. Esma'il [Ishmael], Ebr‚him [Abraham], Hud [Heber], Nuh†[Noah], Edris [Enoch], and Sheth [Seth] -- into the pedigree of the ancestors of his lordship, the Seal of the Prophets, as far back as Adam, the father of mankind. The biographies of each of these, and of all the other prophets, have, according to their requirements, been given in the first volume, and now the musk-writing reed will, from a feeling of veneration, by way of abridgement, record the lives of some of the just-enumerated ancestors of his lordship. From†Him comes protection and guidance!